What Bucketlist adventures are made of February, 2018


An unforgettable scene from your favourite movie, a mouth-watering dish by the underdog cooking show contestant’s you’re rooting for… that epic picture you go back to find in your timeline for your screensaver. These are the moments that have shaped Bucketlist destination dreams beyond the test of time.

Don’t believe me? Let’s pause for a second while I re-count my Bucketlist dreams. Watching The Beach led four of us to exotic Thailand in 2012. Masterchef’s episode on Ethiopian cuisine and coffee and an Ethiopian Airlines layover was a recipe for success to savour a cuppa and the sounds of Mamma Mia put Greece on my list. See what I mean? These micro-moments inspire Wanderlust within some of the most anchored homebodies.

The time for day-dreaming is over

The world is smaller, travel is more affordable and inspiration is everywhere! No really, with so many friends and family living abroad – scrolling down your feed can like a speed trip around the world. Now is the time to get your head out of imaginary clouds and into the actual skies on the next plane to your dream destination! Whether you’re seasoned traveller or a first-timer, here is our top list of Bucketlist trips that must be experienced this March! After all, it’s your #HumanRight’sDay

Hiking the Grand Canyon

The grandiose red rocky formation that is it the Grand Canyon has been on my Bucketlist since I was a teenager. It’s said to be one of the most awe-inspiring experiences that really makes time and space stand still. While there are many spectacular viewing spots, a short hiking trail can lead you to even more epic vistas and natural pools.

Eating in Italy

Call me a cliché, hopeless romantic but cooking side by side with an Italian grandma is definitely what my Bucketlist dreams are made of. Picture the scene: savouring a decadent meal and delicious wine while people-watching on the porch of a charming Italian villa off the Almafi coast. A dream.

A manifestation of "Dolce far Niente", the sweetness of doing nothing.

Chasing Northern Lights

What can be more breath-taking than a naturally neon-lit sky? Nothing according to my brother and friend who have had their breaths taken away by this glorious site. Contrary to expectation, they are not just hiding behind the clouds waiting for sunset to show up.

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After two days of dull black skies, my friend and her family joined forces with two fellow Northern Lights hunters and boldly made their way into the Austrian night. Armed with sheer determination and a directionless GPS, their ride reached a screeching halt as they saw nature’s neon skies in all its wonder. My brother and sister-in-law had a less dramatic but equally nerve-wrecking experience with the lights only showing up on the last day of their trip. Their rendition of this experience made me as green as the skies with envy and has kept this experience at the top of list.

I can go on forever because there really is just so much of this unique and wonderful world to see. Cheesy as it may be – I’ll end off with one of my favourite quotes: "Travelling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." Ibn Battuta.