To be like Tom and Cruise or Not? April, 2018


When thinking of a dream vacation, a cruise isn’t the first vision that comes to my mind. Blame that on a bit of fear thanks to stormy sinking ship scenes from movies as with my knee-jerk point of reference.

Another more positive one is that friends on social media living their best #cruiselife working aboard. It seems like a good place to make lifelong friends with every portside adventure and 24/7 work and play. When weighing up a cruise versus a land trip, the cruise does have one trump card – planning convenience.

Let’s be honest, getting yourself from inspo to booking phases of planning requires real levels of commitment. It’s all monthly savings, banking leave and a bunch of admin. Isn’t it ironic how seemingly care-free travel requires so much adulting? Hold that thought for a blog post of its own for another day…So, the promise of endless entertainment, bright blue views and buffets on buffets at an all-inclusive once-off fee actually does put a cruise vacation on my must-do list of experiences. Aaah, there… I see it: my epic poolside-cocktail selfie just waiting to happen.

Everyday our Durban and Cape Town ports are abuzz with excited cruise-makers ready to sail away from reality to destinations as far as Perth! From Girl gangs, lovebirds, fam-bams, old and young all boldly (yes I’m still scared) enjoying the blissful seclusion of the seas. Life at sea by default also means life unplugged. And by unplugged I mean no internet connectivity and by NO INTERNET CONNECTIVITY I mean instant sheer anxiety. Yes, I’m that shameless, wired millennial to whom the idea of five days unplugged scares more than that of a sinking ship! Eek, does this put cruise back in the no-go zone? No! Because I’m also a tenacious grown woman who laughs in the face of her fears! Ok, maybe not laugh, just a giggle…or a smile…ok, ok, I half-fake smile at my fears. Either way, that #cruiselife happening people!

Now to see this planning convenience in action. Affordability and timing are my first priorities when it comes to deciding on a vacation cruise. When it comes to affordability, cruises offer the best value for money, guaranteed! An all-you-can-think-of-vacation at an all-inclusive price which is often promoted at discounted rates of two-for-one or family-unit discounts sounds like value to me. In terms of timing, summer and spring seasons are a must for obvious reasons. No, this shouldn’t limit our cruise dreams to South African seasons and seas. After all, a Voyages of the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas or the Gulf of Mexico sounds much more exotic. It’s also a pretty cool break-away addition, to say, a jam packed summer Euro tour. Like the one that is in my destination diary for June 2018 *beams with excitement*. Another thought to hold for a juicy post for another day.

Right, Mr. Cruise of my dreams, so sorry to have kept you waiting. After careful or not so careful consideration the answer to your question "to cruise or not" is a fortune-favouring and brave, YES! Now who’s with me? Remember choosing scallops or sushi is classified as the most executive form of cruise life strategic decision making. And what happens aboard, stays aboard…