Run London May 2018


There are few things in the world as rewarding as the simple and free ritual of running. Despite its perceived ease, it remains one of the most demanding sporting disciplines.

My personal love affair with the road started in 2014. I call it a love affair because my levels of discipline is directly proportional to an unpredictable mix of love and hate for the road. I started with five kilometres, well three really. Then a few tens and three years later I finally earned my half marathon medal of honour.

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While this is mega-personal achievement, it pales in comparison to those of some real running legends. Like David Mothapo. David is a loyal Investec employee who has run more than 50 marathons including SEVEN Comrades Marathon and TWO Two Ocean’s marathons! Despite this remarkable track record, David remains humble, passionate about running, keeping fit and being healthy. This disciplined routine, which includes an average twenty kilometre run to work, is what keeps David extremely motivated and going on the road.

For year’s David watched the iconic London Marathon on TV; carefully admiring the route and analysing the tactics of leading runners. "Some of my colleagues at Investec have run the London Marathon so it has always been on the top of my list as my first overseas marathon", says David. "I never thought I would actually be able to go to London and run it! So my dream has come true. It is also an excellent opportunity to raise funds for my charity which is The Teddy Bear Foundation", he adds. Yip he’s dreams coming true whilst paying it forward. Can this guy creep into our running hearts even more? So it’s no surprise that, we, together with Virgin Airways jumped at the chance to sponsor his wings to this year’s London Marathon.

David was the second South African to cross the finish line in an unbelievable finishing time of 02:51 minutes. The supporter’s "gees" and running alongside nearly 40 000 runners is what surprised him the most. "The weather was a challenge as it was officially recorded as the hottest London Marathon to date…I was prepared but not for the London heat", says David.

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Just like David, I too have dreams of running abroad. But not the marathon kind of running. Just the packing in my sneakers because in my dreams I’m running on vacation but actually sleep in kind of running. Know what I mean? Jokes aside, guys like David are the true South African heroes. The ones who overcome adversity, chase their dreams with eternal optimism that makes us all beam with pride.