Greatest global New Year’s Eve parties of 2018/19! December 2018

As global travel specialists, over the years we have come to know the hottest places on the globe to be when the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve. It is that magical countdown that heralds new beginnings, new goals and dreams and there’s no better way to start another year than to be experiencing the incredible vibe at one of the world’s biggest New Year’s Eve parties.

Come with us as we take a whirlwind tour of just a handful of what promise to be the greatest global New Year’s Eve parties of 2018/19!

It starts in Sydney

Due to its position on the globe, this is one of the first great New Year’s Eve bashes. The Sydney harbour skyline becomes ablaze with the lights of thousands of fireworks – one of the biggest displays on the planet.

There are beautiful views, great entertainment in Sydney’s restaurants and hotels - and why not take a build up to the fireworks cruise across the magnificent Sydney harbour, available from many reputable cruise companies?

Its hot it Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the famous city where East and West meet to do business and to party together, have a couple of great bashes on the night. Victoria harbour is a favourite and the festivities are numerous.

Around the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre area it feels like the entire population of this vast city gather to celebrate and witness the also globally famous huge, and very lengthy fireworks display!

Its parties a ’plenty in Paris

Paris France, by contrast is not as focussed around on or two areas, but offers locals and tourist alike a myriad of party choices. Have a gourmet dinner as you cruise the Seine, choose a colourful exciting evening clubbing the night away, or just simply enjoy champagne and sublime cuisine in any of the many excellent restaurants with great views of this romantic city.

The Eiffel Tower itself is of course always a focal area and at midnight is spectacularly lit up by a colourful fireworks display.

It’s tremendous on the Thames

London England turns its attention to the Thames, with a magnificent midday parade along the Victoria embankment. Of course the city itself, with its many famous pubs and clubs, offers parties around every corner and has given London the reputation of the ‘most fun place to be’ in the world on New Year’s Eve.

The famous and extravagant fireworks display at the Coca Cola London eye light up the sky as the famous Big Ben clock chimes in the coming year.

Go out with a bang in the ‘Big apple!’

Saving the best for last – Times Square in New York is renowned throughout the globe as the best place to be when any new year is celebrated ….and a million people every year can bear testimony to that!

The world looks to New York as the lights and the dropping of the big ball in this iconic capital remind us why this is known as the ‘Big apple’ - everything is done in style and in the biggest way!

…and we can take you there!

We have only just touched on some of the greatest global New Year’s Eve parties of 2018/19 as there are many more, like the revelry in Rio, the ultimate Hogmanay party in Edinburgh Scotland and the insane parties and midnight weddings in Las Vegas.

You can possibly still be there – and even if you have missed the boat this year, Rennies Travel can make sure that in the years to come you can always be where the action is as any year changes.

Contact us to find out why we can confidently say we are the most dependable, most personal Travel Management Company you’ll find, wherever you are and wherever you are going!